10 Masturbation Benefits For Men Like You

I masturbate.
You too. There are only two things that all men on Earth have in common. The first is that we all use twenty-four hours each day. The second is that we all have masturbated hundreds of times in our lifetimes. Or should I say thousands? Are there any masturbation benefits or we are just losing our time (and seed for that matter).

Masturbation is a taboo for modern “civilized” society. Men don’t like to talk about it. They learn to masturbate either from porn videos or just by following older brothers’ advice. And we both know that taking advice from older brothers, is not always the way to go.

Today we are going to learn how the weirdos of the 1900’s dealt with it and meaning and even benefit in doing this act of reproductive desperation.

Jump in!

How Masturbation Got A Bad Rep 


Sex is the number one priority and motivation for every young man. Our relentless sexual energy commands every move we take. Guys in the ancient Egypt and ancient Greece even worshipped masturbation. But folks in the 1800’s and 1900’s had a different opinion about that.
People’s attitude toward masturbation was quite negative during these last centuries of the humankind. Masturbation was thought to be the dominator for an array of diseases and medical conditions, including mental illness, blindness, gout, and even cancer. In the first half of the 20th century, physicians and priests established masturbation as a shameful behavior to the community.
Medical experts believed that this demon must be tamed and banished from our politically correct society. In his 1904 book of sexology, professor William Walling wrote that masturbation is a sinful act that must be banished forever!

This defensiveness goes back to the Middle Ages. But it was in the 1800’s that it got “scientific” based. Of course, after every scientific based “revolution”, commercial solutions arose.  In the early 1900’s, there was a guy called Sylvester Graham. He was a religious man and he had a brilliant idea! Why not create a cookie that has only purpose to downplay the high libido of men? That way men that ate that cookie would not masturbate that often. So he created the Graham Cookie, a cookie that did exactly that. Can you imagine that?

In late 19th century, Dr. John Harvey Kellogg (does this name ring anything?) prescribed to the public a diet of bland food for the same reason. Yes, he is the inventor of the Kellogs Company and no, he was not a bad guy, quite the opposite. But no one is perfect. He also proposed some extreme approaches to reduce male masturbation.

Finally, in the 1950’s, Dr. Alfred Kinsey and his team made a big research on masturbation. They wanted to observe closely (not so closely, relax) if masturbation is a socially acceptable norm. Mind you that back then people were still conservative regarding their sexual opinions.

The results of the study though were revealing and left the researchers stunned. The reports said clearly that around 90% of men and 60% of women frequently masturbated. That study opened the way for discussion in the following years, which lead to us masturbating like it’s our last day on Earth (this…, was a joke.).


How Does Homo Sapiens Community Perceive Masturbation Now 

Enter Jessica Farrar. She is a representative from Houston, Texas. This lady introduced a bill called “An act relating to the regulation of men ’s health and safety; creating a civil penalty for unregulated masturbatory emissions”. Let me explain in a non-greek language fashion.

This bill clearly states that instances of unregulated emissions by men warrant a $100 fine under this proposed health act. Regulated masturbating emissions are only those inside healthcare and medical facilities for reproductive purposes (sperm donation). She thinks that wasted sperm on surfaces other than a woman’s vagina, you are a criminal. In a way, you act against the birth of a new child on Earth.

I hate to admit it but it will sound logic in couple decades because of population numbers. Crazy statement, but at least it can create some discussion on the purpose of ejaculating when masturbating. Sounds crazy, but we will get to “useless ejaculation” in future articles. 
She still fights for her rights to see men stop masturbating.  Furthermore, recent studies show clearly that 1950’s beliefs on masturbation are still with us. So do the numbers though. The masturbation rate is an all-time high, blame porn for that. A study found out that more than 95% of men masturbate nowdays! You think now: “These 5% how do they get along?” Yeah, me too. Maybe these include porn stars (sex only) or Japanese men ( an epidemic of no sex and no fap).
You think now: “These 5% how do they get along?” Yeah, me too. Maybe these include porn stars (sex only) or Japanese men ( an epidemic of no sex and no fap).
Anyways, a survey in 2016 from sexual health and wellness company TENGA declared that 88% of 1,200 Americans polled said they masturbate. A recent study asked a random sample of just over 2,500 American men about all aspects of their sexual behavior. The results? 
Masturbation is prevalent and frequent across various stages of life and for both those with and without a relational partner, with fewer men with fair to poor health reporting recent masturbation.
The good news is that even though the rates of masturbation got higher, discrimination and reprehension against it has been reduced dramatically. Masturbation found its way into the popular culture and mainstream movies like “American Pie” and “There’s Something About Mary” feature scenes with self-sex more than once. Masturbation is getting slowly but steadily accepted in people’s minds.
But what about the medical community? They have also changed their tune. In 1972, the American Medical Association declared that masturbation is a normal behavior. More recently The American Academy of Pediatrics stated that kids and adolescents are normally prone to masturbation because it’s a typical part of their development (for us oldies no statements?).
Of course, there’s still a lot of stigma and shame associated with masturbation, but haters gonna hate. So let’s get into the goodies of masturbation!

The 10 Masturbation Benefits

Masturbating has a ton of benefits. The list is pretty big and includes boosted sexual experiences with your girl, better sleep and getting live streaming practice. Of course, we should not neglect the stress relief therapy when ejaculating. That’s why you should consider doing once in a while. So take a look at the benefits first and we will talk about the “once in a while” thing after the benefits.

1.  Masturbation Does Not Hurt Your Relationship


This one of all the masturbation benefits is for couples. Most guys masturbate, single or not. We masturbate when we are single, we masturbate when we are in a relationship too. It has nothing to do with our partners and everything to do with them at the same time. Why is that?

Just think the last time you had morning wood all day. Morning wood, noon wood, and evening wood. You wanted to have sex with your girlfriend, but guess what. She is at her “days”. You know, the bleeding stuff (I had to be dramatic, no way around it, don’t faint.) that happens every month to her. So where does this leave you?

You have basically four choices.

First, you are going to explode with bad emotions about your girl, while not masturbating. Second, you will obligate her to help you with her mouth (not gentlemanish or sustainable). Third, you will find another girl to have sex with. Last, but not least, you will gracefully masturbate as a good knight. As a good man that wants sustainability and less friction with his girl, masturbation seems the best option. Just let her know that you are visualizing her and you in romantic moments (even though we both know that this is not true).

2. Proper Masturbation Boosts Your Sex Life

Masturbation not only reduces friction between you and her when you ‘re the only one in sex mode, but it can also boost your sex life with her. When you masturbate, this is how and when you learn what you like during sex.
“For the vast majority of men, masturbation is a healthy thing for their sex life,” she says. That’s basically true if you consider that for you to masturbate means that you have to get an erection first. Which means that your reproductive system is healthy. Not masturbating may imply that your have lower libido and/or reproductive problems.

3. Masturbation Prevents You From Getting Prostate Cancer

Australia. What does it come to mind?
The folks from this foreign beautiful country did a study in 2003. The theme of the study was  “masturbation link to prostate cancer (the prostate is a crucial part of your reproductive system)”. The results were somewhere in the lines of:
Men who ejaculatemore than five times per week have 30% less chance to develop prostate cancer.
In 2004  a researcher from another team reported that ejaculation frequency is irrelevant with prostate cancer, but he stated that men who do not masturbate at all (or having sex at all) seem to have increased risk of prostate cancer.
Another study concluded that frequent masturbation in men is dependent on the age of the man. If a man is young, frequent ejaculation is good for his prostate, whereas if he is older frequent masturbation raises this danger. Sex in all cases did not affect prostate cancer risk.
Is it legit? The Harvard research team surveyed 31,925 adult men. Read it again. 31,925 men. That’s an army! Each man received a questionnaire with questions about how often he engaged in self-love, aka masturbation. The Harvard team then tracked the participants for 18 years (!), recording which men developed prostate cancer in that time frame.
Scientists aren’t still 100% which masturbation benefits are positively linked with prostate cancer.
There is a theory that sperm from ejaculation flushes out all the bacteria and toxins that are accumulated on the prostate.
Of course, this assumption is based on the assumption that you ‘re ejaculating each time that you ‘re masturbating, which most do.

4. Masturbation Improves Your Sleep

You already know some tips on sleep. Herbs, honey, low lights and much more. But masturbation?
Yes! Just remember the last time you ejaculated, yourself or with a girl. You went down quickly after that, didn’t you? You surely remember your girl complaining the next morning that you ‘re not interested in her because, after your lovely time in bed, you slept immediately. Remember that?
When we ejaculate, we release chemicals.  These include oxytocin, vasopressin, prolactin, and much more. These hormones have relaxing effects on your body. They prime your mind to start the sleep mode. We don’t know why this exactly happens.  But think about it. When you ejaculate you release a lot of energy. So after you waste your precious sperm,  your body has to restore energy that was lost. It needs a break to do that and what better break than a sleep break.

5. Masturbation Raises Your Immunity

The “Masturbation Benefits List” gets bigger. Immunity is the prize this time.
Masturbation not only relaxes you, but it also enhances your immunity. When you masturbate, you increase levels of cortisol in your blood. You probably know that cortisol is bad for you, but the truth is it can be helpful in right doses at the right time. Cortisol is necessary because it regulates and maintains your immune system. Without it, you would be dead in minutes.
Reaching orgasm (ejaculating) seems to help even cure a cold. For this experiment, 11 men were asked to masturbate from start to finish. At the same time, the researchers measured their blood (don’t ask me how). What the scientists found was that when men reached orgasms (ejaculation), they had increased population of leukocytes. White blood killer cells. More leukocytes, better immunity.
If this news didn’t lift you up, what will?

6. Masturbation Boosts Your Mood

When you masturbate as frequent as Rocco Siffredi has sex, you release the master hormones dopamine and oxytocin. Both hormones lift your spirit and boost your satisfactory transmitters at your nervous system. There is no bigger dopamine rush that having an orgasm. The only that comes close is heroin, and we advise against it because of the multiple lethal side-effects.
Masturbation is a great anxiety reliever. You secrete prolactin, vasopressin, oxytocin, and dopamine. These hormones stimulate your parasympathetic nervous system, which relaxes your nerves. Less anxiety is the translation.
Sex is better, but even masturbation can provide some happy feelings for you.

7. Masturbation Is A Good Practice For Sex

When you masturbate, you teach yourself how it feels. You choose what you like and how. You get the chance to visualize your girl and practice sex before it happens.
You are more able to explain to your partner how you would like to be touched and what you like most in sex. It will also provide you the chance to learn when and how to delay your ejaculation, which can be very useful. In addition, there are a lot of exercises out there to help you last longer by delaying ejaculation.
What masturbation ultimately does, is that it helps you feel intense sensations without overwhelming yourself. That way, you build the so-called sex stamina. It means that you have of endurance during sex and you can penetrate without ejaculating for a longer time. Regular sex or masturbation is a perfect workout for your penis muscles, the so-called pelvic floor muscles (Elvis on the floor singing is the picture to remember). These pelvic floor muscles control the quality and time of your erections. Practice makes perfect, as they say.
Practice makes perfect, as they say. Sex is no different.

8. Masturbation Prevents Sexually Transmitted Diseases

This is one of the most important masturbation benefits. Pretty obvious, but no one talks about it. When you do have sex, there is a small probability that the girl may cause more problems than what she tried to solve (sex). STDs are common now in many countries, and AIDS is no fun.

Even though you can get away with Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STD’s), there is probability to get an infection. How? The beautiful “lady” called “Handy” contains some trillions of bacteria, bad and good. If you masturbate too much and your skin gets cut, you can easily get an infection by those little “gangster” bacteria.

So wash your hands before your masturbation and try to be gentle with your “war-machine”.

9. Masturbation Improves Heart Health

Do you hate running up and down the treadmill, sweating like a pig, just to get a chance to improve your cardiovascular system? There seems to be another way.
The following words will impact your life like never before. Ready?
Masturbation helps with overall cardiovascular health.
A study done in the USA and published in the American Journal of Cardiology concluded the following:
Men with two or more orgasms per month were half as likely to have a stroke or heart disease when compared with men with less than one orgasm per month. The researchers concluded that “active” men have better and healthier cardiovascular system.
The phenomenon is likely due to the increase of heart rate when you masturbate. This increase trains the circulation and this reduces your risk for heart attack.
So, go masturbate if you ‘re happy about it, but read first the last point. That’s the cherry on the cake as they say in Europe.

10. Masturbation Increases Your Lifespan 

The best of the masturbation benefits for last.

You already know that an exercise regimen can help you be active with your grandchildren. A solid sleep and nutrition program is also a great aid for your longevity. But did you know that increased sexual activity (solo included) can give you the edge to be able to play with your grand-grandchildren as well?

A study was done in the UK. The scientists there observed the relation of sex and lifespan in men. The final conclusion was that the quantity of orgasms and quality of life in men are interconnected. Quality of life brings joy and happiness which leads to longevity. Wow. Masturbation is a sex act, called self-love. So, if a decent amount of it is performed once in a while, it can bring you joy (as you already know).

That makes sense of course if you read the previous points we make. Lowering heart disease and cancer risk seems to improve your life too.

Whereas masturbation cannot give you the full spectrum of benefits as the physical touch of a beautiful girl, it can get your fluids running “clearing” your waste, which in turn helps you live longer and happier!

The End

I hope you are a wiser man today. Masturbation benefits are real. Masturbation is not the evil of itself. Think of masturbation as a tool. It can be used for great things but it can also be used for ugly, nasty things. Use it for good purposes. Remember, that higher testosterone is also of good use for more masturbation.
Before you on and masturbate the hell out (just kidding, be gentle) take a look at our infographic where you have all the important points wrapped up in one visual page. Share it with your best friend!

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