5 Powerful Bald Men In History That Changed the World

In the last article, we talked about Mayweather, the famous boxing champion. He, like many of us, is bald. Natural or not, he is a bro in our tribe. So in that spirit, we will address today 8 more famous bald men in history that did achieve great lengths of personal success.  

Powerful Bald Man: Mahatma Gandhi

You didn’t expect that, right? 
Mahatma Gandhi was the “father” of the Indian Independence Movement. Born in British-ruled India on 1869, he was a small and thin child. He managed to get a wife at 13 years old (yes, people still do that). His wife was also 13 years old. We can only assume that she loved him only because of his thick teenager hair. But’s let’s move on. 
His dad died short before Gandhi decides to go to England and study law. Still, with hair on his scalp, young Gandhi begins his long journey on the boat. Imagine traveling on a steam-engine boat from India to Great Britain. After days on the sea, on September 1888 Gandhi finally arrives at his destination. There he learns everything he can about the so famous English law. While, studying the law, Gandhi became interested in the philosophy of non-violence and civil rights for everyone
In 1891, young and hairy Gandhi returns in India and tries to practice the law, with little success.Too many people were poor and English men had no desire to trust a young Indian with their businesses. He is desperate to find a place to provide value, and South Africa fills that gap. They offer him a position which Gandhi accepts. There he gets his first taste of injustice against the Indian minority population that lived there. British and Dutch behave like animals to Indian people, something that hits a nerve inside young Gandhi.
He protests. Eventually, he founds the Natal Indian Congress. That foundation protected further Indian people against discriminated law efforts from the rulers. He wins a lot of “battles” inside law court and becomes a leading figure in South Africa for Indians. Word spreads to the motherland where people are suffering under the British rule. 
Word spreads to the motherland where people are suffering under the British rule. After 18 years in South Africa, he returns to India and decides to change things for his homeland. Gandhi, now bald and wise, uses his experience to teach Indian people basic principles on protesting without violence. He also organizes syndicated and cooperation between people to fight off slavery, discrimination and all the injustice against Indian people. The rest is history…  The Brits after a lot of pressure, declare that they return home and Gandhi is recognized worldwide as an iconic man inspiring millions to fight for their civil rights and freedom across the globe. In India, he is considered the father of the nation. 
He managed to inspire millions of people while being bald and skinny, so what’s your excuse?
But let’s get’s get to the other now because inspiration is waiting for you! Ready? Go!

Powerful Bald Man: Charles Darwin

This bald gentleman is one of the most influential men that Earth has ever known. His full aristocratic British name was Charles Robert Darwin. Born in 1809, he is best known for his great contributions to evolutionary biology.   
Darwin was interested in nature long before he got to be famous. Even as a child, he caught small animals just to observe their behavior patterns. As a student, he was brilliant and that performance got him the “golden” ticket to study medicine in Edinburgh.  Of course, rebel mind as he was, he rejected that course. He chose to investigate the science of evolution. A dangerous and controversial subject at the time, but never the less, Darwin was bold …and bald. After a 5 year voyage with HMS Beagle (ship’s name), he identified a lot of new species around the world and became the leading figure in evolutionary science.
Darwin finally became an author, by publishing his crazy theories in his famous book, a pillar of biology and evolution, called “On the Origin of Species”. It was published in 1859 and received great “resistance” from many prominent scientists. After a decade, most of his theories were finally accepted as a staple of understanding the natural selection and selective breeding of species
In late years of his life, the bald naturalist and biologist focused all his energy on human species. His work on the sexual behavior of men was the main subject of his next books, called “The Descent of Man, and Selection in Relation to Sex” and “The Expression of the Emotions in Man and Animals” respectively. Even he though didn’t quite grasp the complexity of human existence and evolution, something he noted at his diaries.  Of course, like many bald scientists and great men, he focused on his work and not his appearance. Even as a bald guy, he managed to influence the scientific and public community of his time, leading to the foundings of DNA and genetic expression. Being bald cannot stop you from being great. Not convinced? Let’s see our next guest.

Powerful Bald Man: William Shakespeare

Even if you are a 13-year old man playing World Of Warcraft 24/7, you are familiar with the name Shakespear. You should at least. If you don’t, you better study now if you want to impress any girl in the years to come.  
William was born on 26 April 1564 in Great Britain. He married young, at 18 years old, and had children like most of his young friends at the time. Nothing great. Business as usual as fellow Englishman Sir Branson would say. Then he got his first chance to be an actor in London, the great multicultural city of that time. At 25 years old he was already an actor and co-owner of a playing company. Its name was King’s Men. Nice name choice William! Kings were still powerful then…
During his 24 year career as an actor and producer of theatre plays, he created marvels that still hold on time. Comedies and histories were his initial style of expression on the wooden “arena”. The legend says that Shakespeare then experienced a terrible incident (death of beloved one or baldness?!) and got bald! At least that is what the legend says. Either way, our bald producer, and director, William Shakespeare got into tragedies. That choice was explosive for his career. Word spread out as Shakespear’s plays like Hamlet, Othello, King Lear and Macbeth were attended many times from the royal family and court. These are the plays that now fill theatres 5 times bigger than the humble wooden “arena” that King’s Men playing company could afford. These are fine works and are repeatedly adopted and performed in various theaters around the globe
William Shakespeare stood out as one of the greatest dramatic writers that changed the face of theatre for ever. He was balding since his young adulthood, but he seemed to achieve most of his brilliant plays after his baldness had gifted him a shiny scalp. He discarded baldness as a trait necessary for greatness and took his place in the Hall of Fame. Can you fix your baldness with solutions that work? Fine, do it and enjoy the fact that you stopped balding and even started growing hair. But keep in mind that looks is not numero uno priority for men. You can change world’s power as a bald guy too. Like our next guest…

Powerful Bald Man: Vladimir Lenin

Many of you cannot recognize this name. Maybe too much TV is messing with your brain, so let me clarify it for you. He brought communism as a political movement in Russia and was one of the greatest political leaders our world has ever seen. You may be a fan of Capitalism, but his Lenin’s story is telling a lot of his willpower. Even as a crown head baldie
Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov, as his full name is,  was born on April 1870 during a cold Russian morning. At the time of his birth, Russia was still a monarchy governed by the Thar. Tsar was the name for monarch and king in the Russian Empire. He was lucky to be born from wealthy middle-class family, which was a great advantage for him if he would like to be a wealthy member of the monarchy system, but he had a different opinion about the “political” foundation. That opinion got him expelled from his university, because of his participation in protests
In the after years, he pursued a law degree, that could give him the chance to be heard as a man of law and ethics. He moved to Saint. Petersburg and became an important member of RSDLP. Yes, a mouthful that stands for Russian Social Democratic Labour Party. He was arrested multiple times, before his exile from Russia. Lenin was forced to live outside his homeland and he found shelter in Western Europe. There, he continued growing his political theories. He published many articles where he tried to explain to people why socialism is better than capitalism. During his exile, he made fans and enemies.  
In 1917, Russian had experienced the First World War, and things seem to need a change. People started reacting to the monarch style government of their Tsar, due to poverty issues. People got killed in masses, but finally, they achieved to oust the Tsar to establish a new kind of government, called the Provisional Government. This was the time for Lenin. He grasped this opportunity and led the people to totally destroy the old regime of Tsar and palace court style of politicians. Of course, Lenin was in a position of power, which didn’t intend to use for corruption as his predecessors did. Sadly for him though, some comrades had a different opinion. They form another party and opposed Lenin for his social equality opinions and communism. He fought them and won. Under his administration, Russia became the first land of communism worldwide. He became known as the Founding Father of Communism until his death. Joseph Stalin was his successor. We all know that Stalin was neither bald nor a good man. But that’s another story for another blog…  
Vladimir Lenin was a Russian revolutionary figure that changed million’s lives. His politics divided people. But his politics also created room for democracy to grow, as many people thought of something different. Of course, many critics refer to the thousands of killings that his administration was responsible for.
He was a controversial political bald man that reformed a huge nation into better conditions of living for the most part. He achieved to influence the heart and minds of millions, even though his looks was not the sexiest out there. Bald and with an oval face, hardly a man for modeling. But he was one of the most powerful people ever walked this Earth. His looks did not stop him from achieving political mastery.
Rest assured also that you and I would probably be speaking German right now if the next superstar baldie was not around…  

Powerful Bald Man: Winston Churchill

World War 2. The most brutal war our modern civilization has faced. Almost 80 years ago, some Germans though to claim Europe for themselves (classic mighty Germans). A mustache called Adolf was in charge. He didn’t like to be called Jew, so he tried to exterminate his people so that only people with blond characteristics existed. He was not blond, but hey. Craziness inside craziness is considered normal. 
Some countries in Europe didn’t fight him and his huge technological advanced army. But not Britain and surely not Britain’s bald leader, Sir Winston Leonard Spencer-Churchill. 
Churchill was born with some wealth and aristocracy traits and his father was a politician. So he got into this game pretty young. What? Politics is a game, look Donald’s tweets!
Anyway, Churchill was positioned in the army in early adulthood as most men of that time had to. As an army officer, he traveled in South Africa and India. He experiences first hand the riots from Indians and the war between Britain and Netherlands. So observed from close combat the ugliness but also the tactics of war. When he came back his fame grew. People spoke of this great correspondent of war that has incredible charisma in politics. Soon enough, Churchill was a formal politician like his dad. He served in many positions and he even reached the heights and responsibilities of a minister
But his fame grew exponentially when he served as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, aka Britain. From that position, Winston faced the mustache devil called Hitler for 5 years. He eventually led to victory against the Nazis, with his sharp tactics and influential presence, as perceived by other leaders and the British people. He is considered as the most important Englishman from the state. He even won the Nobel Prize in Literature as a writer (remember his correspondent experience)
He defeated the Nazis because he inspired the British and European people. He didn’t complain about his baldness, although it was a bad trait for a politician then (and now). So if you want to become a politician, but you ‘re balding, remember Churchill and his power.

The End

My point for you is that you should be proud and confident no matter what the number of hair follicles on your scalp. As you see, these men while bald, achieved greatness in their field and influenced how we live now, long after their death. Do you want to inspire people? If your hair can’t be saved, bite the bullet and focus your frustration on stuff you CAN control. That stuff could include a worldwide successful business or political movement that will change the world. So keep your head up and act whenever you can!
p.s: If you can save your hair and keep it healthy with cool products, then totally do it! 
p.s.2: Did you know that eating the right foods can help with your hair loss issues?
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