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Our Great Story

Some years ago we listened to hard-rock music with our long hair banging the air (for no reason, it’s just the custom for rock heads). We also faced for the first time the curse that almost every young man in adolescence faces. Acne. (We still listen to some classy hard-rock by the way).

Not to our pleasure, acne is still a companion in our late twenties.

The years in college came and they were great, but our hair had another opinion about that. It decided to make a statement and “departure”. What? First acne, now hair loss?  “Are we cursed?” we thought.

Then the responsibilities from work grew larger and larger and guess what grew smaller and smaller. Yes, our libido and our “rockets”. What the heck? Now, that’s a lot. Erectile problems before 30? Houston, we ‘ve got a problem. 

We mustered all the courage we had and shared our concerns with our men friends. We were afraid to be laughed at, but something quite interesting happened. Most of them had the same concerns… Wow. Is it a general issue for young men? That’s bad!

Naturally, as our geek nature commands, we decided to find a way to deal with these problems effectively.
After research and research, we have come to realize that it is quite difficult for men to combine all the info and products out there effectively. Not to mention that every man’s skin has a different reaction to the products. It is still difficult to find good sources of products and proper education to guide you!

So here in Boldape we and our team have decided that all of the products we promote to our community will be selected with care. They contain the most awesome ingredients and with proper guidance and patience, you can achieve some amazing results!

Designed from the ground up with male skin and hormones as their focus, all the products work simply and effectively while dealing with the three main issues that men face. Whether it is the hair leaving your gorilla scalp, acne growing like grass on your face, or the absence of your “flag’s” rising when it should, we got you covered. Don’t be a wrinkly and bald old beast. Boldape has the answers.

We are passionate to show you how to feel and look vibrant. 

Remember: Ape is man’s strongest cousin.  Be bold. Be an ape.

bald guys32%
acne sufferers56%
sex slumps46%
bro scientists100%

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Never forget. Here you can find other comrades in this battle. We all have scars but we keep fighting to be awesome and beautiful as men. Don't aim to be average. Be awesome!
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