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Do you want to share your personal experience with our CEO and make it more …personal? Well, if you don’t feel like emailin’, you can meet Boldape CEO Dean Plassaras via Skype for 15-min. Just send us an email with the title: “SKYPE MEETING WITH DEAN”

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Are you a Boldaper? Are you one of us? Do you read our articles, but you want to add a comment for us? Are you a customer of our products and you just need to send us your love or hate? Whatever the case, send us a bold message and we will make sure to answer it in less than 12 hours!

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Are you a brand representative? Do you want us to get to business together and help men gain their hair and confidence back? Send us a happy note with the title “BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY” and we will answer in less than 12 hours!