How I cured my acne by discovering my Zinc defficiency

To Zinc or not to Zinc, does zinc cure acne after all?

Hello, folks! Listen up. These days I am doing research on the effects of marijuana on your acne, which is a far more difficult topic than I thought. Due to lack of research papers available. Maybe following posts soon will reveal some of my insights to you.


Anyway, let’s today’s post is about zinc and acne. There are lots of studies on the correlation between acne and zinc. The results are controversial though, as in some studies the results are positive, wherein others not that much**.


The truth is that for some people it works like a charm and in most studies, people with acne also have zinc deficiencies. So if you have tried everything and nothing have worked take your chances and use a zinc supplement and see how it goes.


My Story

Three days ago something amazing happened that I had to stop writing about marijuana stuff and give it to the world. What was that? That was my greatest discovery since I started fighting with acne.


I was a friend of mine, eating lunch. After we have eaten some fish and fresh vegetables he suggested that we take a zinc supplement of his. At first, I thought, “come on who needs this shit, nowadays we can have everything we want on our plate”. But then a second thought passed, “there is no harm in taking a small and simple supplement for once, right?”. So I gave it a try.



THANK GOD I did. The rest of day was the exact opposite of healthy lifestyle, I had some friends over my place we ordered some junk food drank alcohol and we didn’t sleep until the sun risen again. So I was psychologically prepared to wake up the next morning and see a few brand new pimples on my face. But the next morning, when I woke up, I went to the bathroom and I was looking stunned in the mirror. Not only I didn’t break out, but the remaining acne I had on my face it was cooled off and my skin was smoother than ever! Just like that, overnight magic. I couldn’t believe it, how could be that after a night like that, my skin looks better the next day?


The Zinc Realization

At first, I thought it was some kind of resistance my body had after a few months of retreat from crap food, alcohol, caffeine and bad sleep habits. But a few days later I was again at my friend’s place for lunch once again. I thought of taking one more pill to see if my body will react the same way the next day. It DiD! It fucking did!


Now that for me was a goldmine, I knew lot’s of people have nutritional deficiencies but I couldn’t imagine that I am one of them. These things remind you sometimes that you are just a human like anybody else. Anyway, I will go straight to the pharmacy and order the best zinc supplement they’ve got, of course, I will report how it goes.


**These two studies vary in the type of zinc given to the patients and probably to a few other factors, so we can’t compare them as equals with different results but out there you can find studies that support zinc supplementation as well as others that say it is irrelevant.



Stay tuned folks! 😉


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