11 Foods To Boost Your Hair And Avoid Hair Thinning!

“You are going from bald to rock star-hair freak dude with these awesome 11 magic superfoods in no time!”

That was my thought for the title of this article. But hey, let’s face reality. You are not going to stop 100% of your hair thinning just because you eat well. What you can do though is to effectively slow your hair thinning and even regrow some of your lost hair. You have to follow a well-optimized nutrition and I promise that you will see brighter days.

Fun-sad fact first:

Did you know that if you’re past fifteen years young, your glory years of hair thickness have passed? Click To Tweet

Damn. But let’s keep reading though because good news is in front of us. The causes of hair loss are many. Bad genetics, older age and hormone imbalance are the most prevalent ones. Not to mention environmental toxins partnered up with autoimmunity diseases. Hell! Even taking medicines can be bad for your hair! But one of the most influencing factors that can be easily managed by you is DIET. Nutritionist Dr. Joseph Debé announced the following statement:

Proper diet and supplements can slow or reverse hair loss, and make the hair thicker and healthier. Click To Tweet

So, what can you eat to strengthen and thicken your hair follicles? Load on the 18 “Bananas” we prepared for you dear fellow ape.

1. Smash your hair loss with Strawberries[MY FAVORITE]

Sweets first. Your hair is a spiral of strong, unbreakable strands. To build these strands your body creates proteins. Guess what? Vitamin C helps your body doing that protein synthesis. Not only that, but Vitamin C gives your skin pores elasticity and strengthens the blood vessels. Better skin elasticity, less clogged hair follicles. Better blood vessel formation, better nutrient absorption. How does a small vitamin like that do all those wonders? Well, Vitamin C, in reality, is an anti-oxidant called Ascorbic Acid, so it’s no vitamin. But hey, Indian Tribes In North America are also not from India. 😛

Strawberries are packed with Vitamin C, so go get them, tiger! One cup of strawberries has enough Vitamin C for your body to get in “repair mode” of your skin and blood vessels. Yeah, Vitamin C is kinda like your car service. You do not need it daily, but every now and then you have to do it. Every day is fine too, but too much anti-oxidants can also slow down your cells growth (especially if you’re a gym freak).

Don’t be afraid to eat an excess of it though, because Vitamin C is water soluble which means that if your body does not need more, it will get the excess out of your pee.  But I would advise not to eat more than that because of the sugar load of strawberries, which can raise inflammation and have the reverse effect.

One Strawberry per day keeps hair thinning at bay! But now that I said bay, do you remember that funky dude called Popeye with forearms like trucks? His virality and strength were due to lots of …..

2. Stop hair thinning with this incredible green superfood called Spinach  [TESTED!]

spinach in a bowl

Well, first things first! Popeye was bald! But hey, he was smoking and eating canned fish only, what can you expect?

Either way, spinach is awesome for your hair’s health. It’s rich in iron (not pumping iron with Arni Schwarzie) and helps with producing sebum. Now, what the hell is that? Well, it’s a natural conditioner for your precious shiny hair. That’s something you need to have in proper amounts so that you do not get dry hair, which leads to weak hair follicles.

This miracle leafy green also contains omega-3 acids, magnesium, potassium, and calcium. All these fancy micronutrients provide the essential building blocks for your hair so that it can grow thick and strong. Omega 3 helps with your skin cells communication and nutrients absorption. Potassium and calcium are important regulators that help with endless procedures in your blood and cells.

Which ultimately can cause strengthen your hair follicles and reduce hair thinning.

“Hey Boldape,  I’m bulking and I’m a cheap dude that lives on a budget for now! What can I eat to both help my bulking and my hairline?”


3. Save money and save your hair too with Beans and Lentils [VALUE FOR MONEY]

beans and lentils

As we said already, iron is important for your sexy scalp.

Iron is extremely important for your thinning hair that fades away. Stop panicking and talk to your doctor check your iron levels.  Take his advice on how much do you need and begin eating beans. Yes, big white or black beans. Clams and oysters provide a huge amount of iron too, but really? How many clams and oysters can you eat or find every day? Nah. Beans are a more realistic option for the everyday man that wants his hair to be healthy.

Unless you ‘re Greg O’ Gallagher from Kinobody living in a mansion like the modern Batman he is or Tai Lopez playing with his Lambo’s and Ferraris, stick with beans for now. One cup of beans packs nearly 10 mg of iron which is a pretty decent amount!

Lentils also are full of protein, iron, zinc, and biotin, and folic acid. All these cool nutrients are building blocks of hair-follicles or at least involved in the “business” of it. Your body needs folic acid to restore the health of red blood cells that supply your skin and scalp with oxygen. Got it?

Got it reminded me of goats. Funny how our mind is rolling here in Boldape headquarters, but goats reminded me of …


4. Optimize your hair growth and stop hair thinning with Greek Yoghurt

greek yogurt

The next time you visit Greece, take a look at their sculptures. Especially the male ones. No, I’m not a pervert. Look at their hair. It’s a curly and thick hairline, right? Why is that? Well, legend has it that Greek men had this awesome hair lines due to their Mediterranean nutrition. That nutrition is well awarded worldwide, and the main component of it is the traditional, thick, protein-rich yogurt. Greeks and other eastern Mediterranean Cultures have been eating that yogurt since 800 B.C.

Have you ever heard of the ultra famous vitamin B5 also known as the pantothenic acid?  It helps with better blood flow to your scalp leading to faster hair growth. Yes, you guessed it right. Traditional Greek full-fat yogurt contains a decent amount of vitamin B5 which lowers hair thinning!

Most homemade hair mask recipes include Greek yogurt. Now you know why. B-freaking-5! But be cautious not to get these low quality “Greek” yogurts with a ton of sugar. That is not a Greek yogurt. The picture above shows a pretty good traditional-style Greek yogurt. It has to be thick and with a flavor-free taste. Have fun with it but like always, don’t binge on yogurt because too much of something almost every time can be quite a disaster for getting the results you want.

Too much of something reminded me the classic food that it gets the right amount of attention, then it can bring you miracle results for your hair…

5. Salmon is the way to go if you are bald and cash flow positive! [DON’T OVERDO IT]

salmon with oregano

“I am the Alpha lady! I’m the Omega baby!” Something along these lines was heard from all of us when we watched Jim Carrey’s yelling to Jennifer Aniston in the favorite movie “Bruce Almighty”. Focus on the omega part. Not the omega status, but the omega-3 fatty acids.

Yes, Omega-3  is a miracle PUFA (polyunsaturated fatty acid) which is incredibly anti-inflammatory. Which means that it will assist you lowering the inflammation happening underneath your beautiful ape-looking scalp. Inflammation is a bad thing for your hair follicles. Cool stuff right?

You can get Omega-3 from supplements like Fish Oil or Krill Oil, but we recommend if that’s possible to take it from natural sources. One great and yummy resource of Omega-3 is our favorite Salmon. Fatty pink-red Salmon from the high rivers of Canada.  Salmon also helps to balance insulin sensitivity which is a great plus to have if you want your inflammation to lower even more.

When you do not have the right balance of healthy fats in your diet, your hair starts to lose its natural vibrancy. Salmon is full of omega-3 fatty acids that feed the oil gland around hair follicles. That helps lubricate hair for added luster. Aim if possible to consume for two 3.5-ounce portions per week, which is also recommended by the American Heart Association.

A note of caution here. Most salmons on the market contain high amounts of toxic heavy metals, like lead. If you cannot get your hands on good organic sourced salmon, then we advise against. Better search for a good Fish Oil supplement. As always, too much of something can lead to nothing or worse to something bad. Consult your doctor for more.

But never forget. Salmon “eats” your hair thinning for breakfast.

*For our Vegan and Vegetarian friends look for flaxseed oil and walnuts to get some of the omega 3 you need.
** Also take a look at the best 33 benefits of fish oil you didn’t know about(10 is my favorite)!


6. Eat Grass-Fed Lean Meat if you are a balding palaeo(lithic) man [NOT VEGAN FRIENDLY!]

raw meat product

Have you ever noticed how your muscles don’t grow when you deny to them their favorite macro nutrient called protein? Your hair as a distant cousin of your muscles wants the same exact stuff to grow. Without sufficient dietary protein, your hair will not give you a second chance. It will basically leave you with your bald head trying to figure out what just happened. Less new hair will replace what’s falling out (about 50-100 hairs a day), and you’ll experience a net hair loss. Bad news dear non-protein eater.

But as always, nature got you covered.

To get lots of protein you can consume lean meat options like chicken, fish, grass-fed beef or lean pork loin. Choose only organic grass fed options. They have less saturated fat than their low-quality counterparts from grain fed tortured animals. You know, the stuff you’ll find sealed in styrofoam dishes at the supermarket. (thank me later)

You will gain the count back up hair follicles that fell by taking in enough protein, the building blocks for hair. Hair thinning is a result of not enough keratin and not enough building blocks to build thick strong hair follicles.

Vegetarians and Vegans can reach for quinoa (8 grams of protein per cooked cup), chickpeas (15 grams of protein per cooked cup), or lentils (18 grams of protein per cooked cup) instead.

If you ‘re a vegetarian (like me), then you could consider the next small superfood, which can be quite nutritious without a need of killing an animal


7. Binge on Eggs if you are a vegetarian balding guy [ME TOO]


Brave chickens around the world provide men with the possibility to enjoy this nutrient-packed food.

Eggs are full of biotin, a B-vitamin. Biotin helps your hair grow stronger and more flexible. Not having enough of this vitamin can lead to hair loss. Eggs from free-range chickens are the best option. They also contain Omega-3 and lot of protein, plus consider that chickens have at least a better lifestyle while staying there.

Conditioning also your hair with eggs enhances hair growth because eggs contain lots of protein and good healthy fats. Hair is composed of 70 percent keratin protein, so egg protein helps rebuild damaged hair by filling in weakened spots along the hair strand, which temporarily strengthens the hair and prevents excessive hair thinning.

Eggs also contain some good amount of vitamin D. This is one of the more important pre-hormone (it is so much Vitamin as much as Native Indians are from India). Vitamin D is the building block for many other hormones and nutrients, so consequently also good for your hair.

But be careful not to overdo it with eggs especially if you have ulcerative colitis or another gut auto-immune disorder like leaky gut. It can be tricky because some proteins in the white of the egg can cause an allergic reaction that can make inflammation rise. You don’t want that for your hair thinning or your overall health. So be aware of any gut issues and better check your gut first. If you are unsure go with egg yolks so that you can at least, for now, benefit from the fats and choline!

Now if you ‘re gluten tolerant (which you probably aren’t) or you are just a don’t-give-a-funk-about-gluten man, then you can take a shot at the next candidate. But I warn you: gluten is a weird bastard, better avoid it. Better safe than sorry as they say. So try ….

8. Cook more Barley if you are a gluten tolerant or gluten indifferent balding man [GLUTEN]

Barley on a spoon

Reminds me of Harley(Barley, got it?) Davidson’s cool motorcycles.

Barley barely bears the bar to Harley (I couldn’t resist), but sure enough, it rides along with some good old-fashioned Vitamin E. Do not be surprised gentlemen because this is one of the most powerful natural antioxidants on planet Earth. It can actually absorb damaging UV light and protect your skin cells from Nuclear War. Ok, not so much but it’s the next best thing. Moreover, it repairs the damage caused by the sun on your balding scalp, which can cause your hair to thin even more.

One study showed:

Vitamin E supplements were consumed by hair loss patients and showed great results. Click To Tweet

Thirty-eight people received the supplement, and some received a placebo. The supplemented group had a 34% improvement in hair growth and less hair thinning. Although the amount of tocotrienols(vitamin E) used in this study is a little bit difficult to get from diet alone, barley is a very good source of Vitamin E.

More barley, less hair loss.

*Note of caution. Barley contains gluten so if you ‘re gluten sensitive, you can pass on that. We advise checking this with your doctor or nutritionist.


9. Bok Choy

3 bok choy vegetables

Dermatologists who have advised you on hair loss look at your level of ferritin in your blood, because that way they can figure out what your body is doing with all the iron you added to your diet during your initial consultation. If you are bok choy lover been eating plenty of bok choy— which is super iron-rich—they would likely see a spike in your ferritin levels.

A review of 40 years of research shows that iron deficiency has a much closer link to hair loss than most doctors realize. It may be the key to restoring hair growth, Cleveland Clinic dermatologists find. So pump your Iron high and let us Recall these Pumping Iron days (if you got the joke, laugh. If not, just put an angry comment below).

Guess what favorite snack can also prevent hair thinning?

10. Nuts and Seeds

Tocotrienols(Vitamin E) as we already read is an excellent hair boosting antioxidant. Another one great booster is beta-sitosterol. Where to find beta-sitosterol to eat? Have you ever heard of pistachios? A handful of pistachios provides your body with enough beta-sitosterol to supply your precious hair (and mine for that matter, or whatever is left anyway!)

Did you know also that your hair loves Elastin? It keeps hair glowing and stops it from breaking. Walnuts contain oils that add to the amount of elastin in your hair. In general, most nuts (peanuts not so much) are a great way to combat hair loss. They have oils which contribute to the elastin in your hair which contributes to the growth of your hair. If you don’t have enough good oils in your body your hair will crack down and your hair thinning is going to party like the 90’s.

Last but not least, almonds are a great source of vitamin E, the superb antioxidant we talked earlier. They also offer a great amount of magnesium. Magnesium is a great source for your body‘s ability to build more stuff without sacrificing other resources. An ounce of almonds meets the amount of 15gr of Vitamin E which is a well-balanced number for your daily consumption.

different nuts in small buckets


11. Sweet Potatoes

We began with sweet source and we end with a sweet one too. Hey, I’m a sweet tooth deeply in my heart, give me a break! Just kidding, let’s see why sweet potatoes did make it to the final top 11 hair boosting foods.

There is this mystic compound that does wonders with your hair looks. It’s called Beta Carotene. It’s famous for the ability to protect your hair from drying out. Moreover be aware that the glands in your scalp make an oily fluid called sebum necessary for optimal hair function. Beta Carotene helps this process! So where do you find this elixir of the locks?

Orange-colored fruits and vegetables are your best bet: Carrots, pumpkin, cantaloupe, mangoes and — oh yeah — sweet potatoes. So get used to orange foods more.

More orange = less hair thinning

orange sweet potatoe


Well, damn. You learned a lot today. A lot of shiny new food to consider! Before you go, you can take a look here where we wrapped up all the information into a short visual for you. Also, don’t forget to check out the super vitamin that you can’t take enough from food, but you must binge on if you want thick hair!

Infographic 3 points

We ‘re all in this together and most of us are past 15 years old with some balding spots here and there. So hold on and keep reading the next articles, because the best is yet to come. Don’t give up on hair loss and start eating the right foods to fuel your hair with what they need to be strong.

Be bold.


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