Fruit of the earth Vitamin E skin care cream – Safe?

This particular product, “Fruit of the earth Vitamin E skin care cream” drew my attention recently because it has not only very high popularity but also great customer reviews as well.


Quite surprisingly, it had received a politely negative review from Livestrong about a year ago (October 2013) but the online community seems to not bother.


The Company


Fruit of the Earth Inc is a US company founded back in 1980. Since its foundation, the main focus of the company is to produce personal care products based on aloe vera extracts. Among others, it produces sunscreens and aloe vera juices. Some of their products are not of high quality and they do seem to use highly hazardous chemicals in their formulas.


Fruit of the earth Vitamin E skin care cream


This cream is intended to be used as a moisturizer. Its great success is that it has a beautiful odor and manages to soften and moisturize the skin. All these at a very low cost. Most people consider this cream as the best value for money. But, in terms of health, it isn’t. In EWG it has received a 6/10 in an overall hazard which is quite high for a product that you might use on a daily basis.



One of its ingredients is associated with endocrine disruption and another one is linked with excessive free radicals production which in turn leads to DNA damage, faster aging of the cells and even tumors and cancer.


If you don’t mind to have a disrupted endocrine system and a more aged skin you can search and buy the product for sure. If however, you prefer something more healthy to keep your skin moisturized then luckily enough there are many alternatives to choose from. I’ll present two.


Alternative 1 – Aloe Vera Gel Extract


If you are into the aloe vera culture then why not to use the aloe vera gel itself? Aloe vera gel is very easy to make, you can even use it straight from the plant. Extraction takes no more than 5 minutes for each leaf and with proper preparation can last up to a year in the fridge.I do use aloe vera not only for moisturizing but also as an anti-inflammatory in periods that inflamed pimples appear on my face.



Aloe vera is a natural moisturizer, it also has a lot of water and contains other agents that are beneficial to the skin. It might not have so nice smell as “The fruit of the earth vitamin e skin care cream” but it is equally effective at moisturizing the skin and with far less (if any) side effects.


It also has some beneficial effects that can be helpful for people with acne such as its anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties. Remember that inflammation is the main reason that acne leaves scars, cooling it down is important if you want to stay scar free and the light antiseptic touch will help your body deal with bacteria and other pathogens on your skin.



If you decide to go for it then you should be able to find a small plant in a local store or online for a price somewhere around 10$. Aloe vera needs very little watering and can survive inside, provided it has enough sunlight. The plant is not that strong in low temperatures. You should keep it inside if the temperature drops lower than 5º Celsius (41ºF).


Alternative 2 – Cocoon Apothecary Rosey Cheeks Facial Cream


This Facial Cream would be my first choice if I had to go for a facial moisturizer different from aloe vera gel. It has been labeled as green (0) by the Environmental Working Group (EWG). It is the closest you can go to natural. If this is not good enough for you, then your next best option is to use plain water. Water is very often underestimated but it really is the king of all moisturizers.


That’s all it is to Fruit of the earth Vitamin E skin care cream. I hope I’ve convinced you not to use it. If you have any thoughts or experiences to share with us post them in the comments bellow.


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