Mayweather Boxing Champion: Bald or Shaved?

Some days ago, we experienced one of the biggest fights of history. The black python against the white wolf. Mayweather vs McGregor. Of course, Las Vegas hosted this awesome fight and we all saw Mc’ Gregor fighting very well, even as an MMA fighter. But Mayweather’s superiority and tactics defined the final result of this game. He finished his career at 40 years old with a 50-0 record. Unbeatable.

Mayweather is indeed unbeatable in the ring, but how about on his scalp? Did he lost the fight with genetics or he is just a fan of the “shaving head community”? Let’s see what’s the relationship of the greatest lightweight boxer of all times with his scalp.


Is Mayweather’s Balding Natural or Artificial

Mayweather’s shiny bald head won the title again. But is his balding a heritage thing from his parents?

Let’s begin with his pa. His father, Floyd Mayweather Sr, is a former professional boxer that kicked ass in the ring from 1974 to 1990. Mr. Mayweather had his hairline intact for many years and only in recent appearances, he seemed to bear a nice thinning on this scalp. Of course, there is the probability that son gave father some “coins” to do some hair transplant, so we do not know exactly if senior Mayweather was balding when he was younger.The pictures from him punching guys in the ring is that he was hairy as hell!

Mayweather's Father

But wait! Does his mum bear balding-genes from her male relatives? Deborah Sinclair has her hair all on her scalp. Her brother, a crazy business associate that he even shot Mayweather Sr. the at the same time, had also nice hair (crazy family?). So we have no records of natural balding here too.

Mayweather Sr, the father, had two brothers too.  They had nice thick hairlines too. They were also great boxers, so even if Floyd doesn’t seem to get any balding gene, he seems to get the boxing skills from family. So if Mayweather is not balding, why the heck is shaving his black-mamba-champion scalp?

Shaving His Head Scares His Opponents

There are many reasons why shaving your head is a great idea, whether you are balding or not. Of course, that statement is not only our savvy opinion but it is also backed up by really hard core white collar scientists. Mr. Mannes from Pennsylvania University did some work to find out if shave-heads men are sexy, ugly, dominant or something worth claiming. He conducted three (!) social experiments.

Crazy balding Mannes found out some really beautiful and harsh truths for baldies.

Men with shaved heads are not only perceived as more manly and dominant than regular men! Click To Tweet

They also seem to be taller, stronger and with great leading potential.

The overall perception was that shaved heads equal dominance. Now, ask any boxer how he would like to be perceived from the crowd and his opponents. I can bet for that one. Dominant will be the most prevailing answer.

Floyd Meaweather During A Fight

Boxers like Mayweather are considering any detail that can give them an edge over their opponents. Any psychological advantage over his opponent is considered wisely from every boxer, even more, when you aim to be a champion.

Shaving His Head Is Good For Practice Boxing

But what if shaving your head comes also with great advantages for your lonely times in your gym? As it seems that’s the case. Long hair sucks when you are sweating like a pig. Exercising is annoying of itself, so having long hair getting wet by sweat and accumulating dirt is not a good bargain for your time spending in the gym. It’s annoying and basically, it serves no purpose, especially if you ‘re the champion Floyd Mayweather Jr.

Anyone who is involved with any kind of sport can support this claim. Look at all the guys that are professionals and top in their sport. Most of them have low cut hair or shaved heads. Why is that? Because running with your hair on your eyesight is not optimal. Trying to dunk and having your hair in front of your eyesight is also a bad thing. Combating another man and trying to get an edge on him while your hair is in front of your eyes, even for a second, can change the dynamics if the other fighter is fast.

Champions like Floyd are smart. They won't leave factors like hair at lucks bay. Click To Tweet

They will take every step needed to be as strong and effective as possible. Is shaving your head and looking like an egg is a plus, they will do it, no matter what.

Black Boxers In Defence Mode

Imagine Floyd spending long hours in his gym with his dad training for the title. Imagine him with long hair for a moment. He punches the sack with mania but after some time his long hair becomes sweaty and itchy because it accumulated too much sweat and dirt (from the gym’s equipment). He wants to scratch that itch, but if he does it, he stops his practice. That is a bad deal because he has gained momentum and his fist is warm, ready to crush the sack and every face in front of him. So, unwillingly he continues to smash the sack feeling his scalp burning with nasty sebum, sweat, and dust. Is that the part of the deal, Mr. Trump? I would say not. Cut this sucker off, shave it to the bottom and fight without hair slowing down your momentum.

Of course, there are also fighters like Georges St- Pierre that has from time to time their hair intact on their heads and keeps winning. But their hair is short for the most part, so even they acknowledge the fact that:

Having thick long hair as a boxer is a bad deal. Click To Tweet

It obstructs your vision in critical moments. Your head is heated easily and more sweat is accumulated. That sweat gets into your eyes too, which is annoying if you want to avoid some punches coming to your face.  Also having a shaved head one worry less if you want to be a champion like Floyd Mayweather. They have many worries already, nurturing their hair should not be one of them. Shaving it solves the problem fast.

Boxers Throwing Punches

Shaving Your Head As A Black Guy Feels Easier

Let’s admit it. Black guys with shaved heads usually look better than whites with shiny scalps. It’s simple.

The darker your skin, the lesser the attention to your baldness. Click To Tweet

That’s because it doesn’t shine as much. Sounds funny, but think about it. Being white and bald is a whole new dimension of shame when you sweat. Your scalp becomes world’s mirror! Girls coming to you not to speak to you, but to fix their hair! Instead, when black and bald, you can sweat as much as you want. No shame there, because your scalp will look great as always. Society is more reluctant for whatever reason when black guys shave their scalps. Even Dwayne Johnson is not white. He has tanned always (damn this perfect bald man!) and so his scalp seems better.

Terry Crews Bald Head

Now, Floyd Mayweather is obviously more tanned than “The Rock” so his shaved scalp seems cool, stylish and sexy. He seems like a successful rapper in combination with a successful boxer. Totally awesome! That could be also a reason to shave his head. In black guys, it’s just very cool to “wear” a shaved head. 


Floyd Mayweather Spends a Fortune To Shave His Head

You would agree that shaving your head is a great deal, regarding financing terms. You are not going to spend any money to the barber because you can do it yourself and you will also save a lot of time on barber trips. So Mayweather gets those benefits too, right?

Wrong. Or let’s say wrong for you and me. Champion Floyd does not cut back on this deal too. He spends a fortune.

Mayweather spends $1.000 to get his head shaved. Click To Tweet

He does this two times per week at the minimum. So you can do the math. Bald champion Floyd Mayweather spends $8.000 to $12.000 dollars every month just to get his head shaved. You can easily crush your head now on your PC’s screen and die from heart attack. If you don’t, just be jealous of his barber girl. Jackie Starr is his choice for the last seven years and she is the only one that shaves his champion head.

Mayweather Cloth On Head

We ‘ve all heard other crazy stories from celebrities, but spending $1.000 for a shave on the scalp seems outrageous. Of course, outrageous is the sum that Floyd got from his last victorious fight against Conor McGregor. His earnings are more than $100.000.000 only for that fight. So now, you can relax and drink a beer. Because everything makes sense now…


The End

And with that happy note, we think that Floyd Mayweather looks like a cool rapper-boxer style man, who fights like a champion and drives a Lambo. In your occasion though, we advise against spending $1.000 for your shaved head even if you ‘r a billionaire because, to be honest, we find this act not cool. But sure enough, shaving your head can be an advantage, even if you are not an athlete. What is your opinion about Mayweather? Did his bald head gave him an advantage against Conor Mc’ Gregor?


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