Men Libido Secret From Incas Will Boost Your Sex Life

On the Peruvian Mountains of Andes, the ancient civilization of Inca worshipped their gods while consuming the most incredible men libido secret of their time. Inca were the architects of the largest native South-American society and one of the oldest civilizations. The following root was the pillar of their strength and virility.

Amongst their gods was a food that could easily take the form of divine substance. It was the herb with the name maca-maca. Nowadays, Maca is still growing in the most inhospitable parts of the Andes. Peruvian farmers grow it and use it for every disease known.

Machu Picchu was trading Incas Libido Secret
Machu Picchu was a commercial trademark for maca in ancient times


The legendary root is now popular in Western and Asian cultures and many men use it for its superb health qualities. Most famous of which, improving men’s libido.

Good Source of Nutrients

Maca might look like an ordinary root, but there is nothing like it in health-boosting benefits of this super plant. The “food of the gods” is a nutritional powerhouse, which justifies the term “men libido secret”. It is an adaptogen plant, member of the famous cruciferous Brassicaceae family – a huge plant la Familia (Bella Italia!) which includes broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, turnips, and radishes. Maca is related to cross and mustard plants also.
Maca podwer is the libido secret of the cruciferous family
Vegetables from the cruciferous family.
Rich in protein, starches and essential nutrients, maca root is one of the most potent superfoods you can find. It is filled with Vitamin C, Iron, Potassium, copper and a decent amount of B vitamins. Of course, Iodine could not miss the “party”. The darker the Maca Root, the greater its Iodine content. Maca also contains powerful antioxidants that help you combat free radicals. Some of them are called glucosinates, also contained in other cruciferous vegetables.
The reason why maca root has such a dense nutrient profile is that it grows in very harsh conditions upon the Andes Mountains. This hardy plant actually thrives on intense sun, wind, and cold. In order for it to survive, it has to suck up every nutrient possible from the mountain ‘s soil.
Let’s make it more detailed for you before we jump into Maca’s most powerful quality.
Maca root powder contains the following percentages of macronutrients:
  • 18 percent protein (Over twenty amino acids, high in 8 essential ones)
  • 5 percent fat (Twenty free-form fatty acids, such as oleic and linoleic acid)
  • 69.5 percent carbs (pretty high net carb load for you ultra-marathoners out there)


  • 8.5 percent fiber (it’s a kind of carb too, with good benefits for your intestines)
Maca is “responsible” for the following “mess” of good micronutrients:
“Yes, tremendously nice information, but how can Maca “raise” my manhood? Is that possible?” Good news post today! Jump in, you sexy beast, because your sex life is going to explode!

Maca And Men’s Sex Health

couple hugging after guy has consumed the libido secret called maca
Couple is ready for romance.
This observation was confirmed centuries later by studies showing higher sperm counts in maca root fed animals. Of course, Incas saw the potential benefits and ate the root themselves. It’s no luck that they were the dominant force of their continent.

How It Works On Libido

Stretching forward to today, people from Chile and Peru (Andes), confirm that their grandparents used maca to boost their libido and fertilityMaca is the mecca of libido boosting herbs. It contains sterols that are believed to block the production of estrogen and boost testosterone.
Although evidence may be sparse, Hyla Cass, MD, says that maca does work indeed.
In my practise, I have cure hormone imbalances, fertility and libido issues with just prescribing Maca to my patients.
The author of “Hot Plants”, Chris Kilham, commented that maca works, but the mystery is how this men libido secret plant works on treating men’s sexual issues.
Visual incision of an artery carrying the libido secret.
Visual incision of an artery containing a red blood cell and different substances.


All the sexual functions in your body are triggered by certain hormones. Maca has the special ability to balance these hormones by stimulating the hypothalamus and pituitary glands. These glands are vital for the production of the Luteinizing Hormone (LH) and Follicle Stimulating Hormone (FSH). These hormones are called gonadotropins and help the body produce sperm and testosterone.


We don’t know exactly yet why maca enhances this system. But unlike crazy traditional recipes like dried tiger penis, this root seems to work just fine!


Studies On Maca

Three scientists with white lab coats searching Incas libido secret
Three scientists with white lab coats.

There are even studies done to back up these claims. I present you….. THE MACA STUDIES.


  • Study 1

    In 2002, researchers did a double-blind study with 57 men. The research team gave them either 1.5g Maca, 3g Maca, or placebo. The men received the supplements on a daily basis for 12 weeks. After the first 8 weeks, men in both the maca groups reported heightened sexual desire. [1]


  • Study 2

    Another study was done to find trends in SSRIs induced low libido in men and maca. Researchers gave 2 groups of men 1.5g and 3g of maca respectively. They concluded that 3g of Maca daily significantly increased self-reported libido, although 1.5g of maca did not do as well. [2]


  • Study 3

    A third study looked at 8 men endurance athletes. The research team gave the participants 10g of Maca every day to consume and come back to report if any change in their sex drive occurred. Their athletic performance did not increase, but their sex drive did increase dramatically. The reports were self-made and could not be confirmed easily. [3]


  • Study 4

    In 2001 scientists confirmed that both 1.5g and 3g of daily Maca increased sperm count and sperm mobility. [4]


  • Study 5

    The last study showed that Maca root improved Erectile Dysfunction (ED) in men that consumed it regularly. [5]


  • Study 6

    A 42 days study published in the “Journal of Reproductive Biology and Endocrinology” 2005; 3:5. concluded that: “Red Maca but neither Yellow/Cream or Black Maca reduced significantly ventral prostate size in rats. Remember that prostate enlargement means endocrine disruption and less free testosterone (simplistically said). [6]


  • Study 7

    Researchers from Peru gave adult males either a placebo or 3g Maca per day. After the span of 8 weeks, their male sex hormones remained the same, but had profound improvements in sexual desire.” [7]


  • Study 8

    Italian researchers gave to 50 men either a placebo or maca 2.4g per day. These men were all patients of ED (Erectile Dysfunction). After 12 weeks, both placebo and Maca groups reported benefits in sexual desire. The Maca group though experienced much greater improvement. [8]



Maca’s nutrients work to revitalize your entire body. Moreover, it seems to balance your testosterone levels, although there are only a few studies done on hormone levels.


Maca contains two awesome nutrients called macaenes and macamides. These are responsible for terming maca as a men libido secret. Click To Tweet

maca powder in a wooden traditional cup is Incas libido secret
Maca powder in a wooden traditional cup.


Maca also is shown to increase blood circulation, which is great news if your Mr. Penis is not standing up for the ladies to sit.

Just because maca can help with Erectile Dysfunction (ED), does not mean that it contains any kind of hormones, human or plant. Instead, it seems to stimulate the production of sex hormones in your body. The energizing and sex-drive boosting effects that maca brings to the table are considered by-products of an overall positive effect on your endocrine system.

Researchers speculate that maca stops the excess transformation of serum testosterone to DHT (dihydrotestosterone). Excess DHT means less free testosterone, more balding and more prostate enlargement/cancer (that was just a simplification, you nerdy biochemists out there!) Maca is quite probably able to bring this system back in order. Furthermore, it seems that:


maca increases your libido, but not necessarily your sex hormones. Click To Tweet


Researchers have measured sex hormones like testosterone, progesterone, and estrogen of men consuming maca. They found insignificant changes, even if those men reported increased libido.

There are only a few randomized control studies that showed some incremental changes in hormone levels and fertility. These big studies have been done in animals, but not in humans yet. There they found out that semen quality and testicles enlargement(!) were 2 happy side-effects for male animals when the maca dose was optimal.

Humans are more complicated creatures though (you ‘re starring a thing created by this creature and not by mother nature, so you get the idea). There are so many psychological and social aspects when measuring human sexuality, that coming to conclusions is hard.


Correlation is not causation. Click To Tweet


So we have a long road in front of us if we want to report 100% facts in maca benefits. But the massive amount of anecdotal reports from thousands of people is quite encouraging. Maca seems to help the sexual processes of a man.

Which is great and that’s why you should use it. How? Well, this can be tricky because the wrong quality and dose can offer you worse results than your current ones.


How To Use And Cook It

traditional meal with maca and rice is Incas libido secret
Traditional meal with maca and rice

Maca is kinda sweet. Not too much though. It has a mild, earthy taste which means that it can pair nicely with smoothies.


Cooking Style

It can be steamed, cooked and baked. It still contains its power as men libido secret, even after some temperature. In Peru, the modern Incas even make maca jams and maca puddings! They also add it to a porridge called mazamorra. For you ultra-healthy ones, there is even fermented maca beverage, called maca chicha. Its aroma is similar to that of butterscotch or nutmeg, so it’s not that bad!


Maca Powder Use

Start with one teaspoon per day and work your way up to a tablespoon per day. We suggest to keep it there, and not exceed this limit because you can build tolerance and hormone imbalances (bad for sex drive).


Consume maca with food or with a full macro nutrient smoothie to absorb more nutrients and have no digestive stress. Click To Tweet


If you choose the easy way and buy the powdered maca version don’t go for the raw one. Prefer the gelatinized maca powder. No, it’s not gelatin. It’s still a powder. The gelatinization process is similar to what the high-temperature maca cooking does. It removes all the bad anti-nutrients and excess starch content of your maca powder. It seems to leave maca’s aphrodisiac properties intact.


Raw Maca Use

If you find maca root raw and whole, you have 2 choices. You can bake it or boil it. Then you make a smash of it, just like you would do with potatoes. Then eat up to 1 root per day, no more than that.


If you stay with the raw un-powdered maca version, you should always cook it.


That’s because like the other cruciferous veggies, maca contains goitrogens. These anti-nutrients (work as to not let you absorb nutrients) can disrupt your thyroid hormone balance. Dangerous.  

To get rid of those anti-nutrients, you should cook your maca (and your cauliflower, broccoli, kale and cabbage for that matter). Goitrogens may have a bad-ass name, but heat is their demon. So turn the heat on!


FDA does not approve maca as the men libido secret of 21st century

FDA sign does is not the libido secret you look for
FDA sign

Maca market is growing fast because people value its nutritional content. When a market grows, quality is difficult to be sustained. Many supplements claim to have an ultra high quality of maca that does superb things but doesn’t fall for it. Only buy the best possible organic and gelatinized maca powder. If you want it raw, search for farms and try to reach out companies to learn their practices. Supplement companies are still unregulated and most of them have no FDA approval. Maca powders and capsules (mini powder doses) are no different.


Even Incas Men Libido Secret Needs ‘Cycling’

Over time, your body can develop maca tolerance; in other words, maca’s effects doesn’t seem to work very much. Incas men libido secret can lose its power if you overuse it. Consequently, most professionals advise that you should cycle maca. That means that you should eat maca for short periods of time – 4 to 6 weeks – and then stop for another 4 to 6 weeks. That way you ‘re not going to be dependent on maca for your hormone system to work. If a system is dependent on another system all the time, it’s getting weak.


I’m in Ketosis, should I eat maca?

If you ‘re in ketosis or want to stay low-carb in the morning then you should consume just a small dose (a teaspoon is 3g to 5g) with your evening meal. Another way to consume it without affecting your blood glucose too much is to consume it after workouts, where your insulin sensitivity is high. That means that your cells need glucose and most of the carb net that maca contains will be transferred into the cells. That way it will build up the lost glucose load from your exertion.

If you just wanna stay low-carb, then you could even spoon some 3g to 5g maca powder into your morning black coffee. Bulletproof coffee with maca is also approved. It will give you an extra boost to work on your tasks with slightly more stamina.

cup of coffee is part of the ketosis diet that can boost Incas libido secret
Traditional ketosis ‘meal’


Side Effects 

Thousands of people use maca on a daily basis. Now you will too get your hands on this magic super men libido secret from the chilling Peruvian Mountains. Its safety as a herb nutrition supplement is evidenced by all these people who use it in their diets. So, regarding anecdotal evidence, we ‘re good. 

Although Maca is a natural product of our mother nature and Incas men libido secret, proceed with caution before using it. There are always potential side effects from not using properly products, natural or not.

Here are some potential side effects of Maca:


  • Increased Appetite: unless you ‘re skinny jeans, this can be hazardous if you ‘re trying to lose weight


  • Bloating: if Maca isn’t gelatinized (powder) or cooked in high temperatures (raw), then its anti-nutrients called goitrogens can lead to less nutrient absorption and bloating


  • Possible Insomnia: If taken too much, your energy levels rise and the hormonal imbalance reduces your odds of sleeping


  • Increased Heart Rate: a good thing if you ‘re working out, but not so good when you resting your soul on that grandma’s couch


Medical Precautions

Keep in mind that there are claims from doctors suggesting stay away from maca if you have kidney or liver disease. Also, if you ‘re taking hormone-altering medications you should consider NOT to take maca in any form. Especially men with enlarged prostate or prostate cancer, you should definitely be cautious and talk with your doc(tor) first. Last but (no) least, if your blood pressure is high in the sky, be cautious with maca. It seems to increase blood pressure.


The End

We are all Maca-villains now. Let’s be the prince of men’s sex drive kingdom and explore this incredible men libido secret.

Problems like Erectile Dysfunction are more and more prevalent these days. Our grandpas should laugh about it. Even now, there are centenarian men that have more sex drive than 25-year-old men. That’s hilarious and sad at the same time.

Proceed with caution though, and consult your doctor/nutritionist first. We are no doctors here and our content is the view of our research team. Google is our doctor and we encourage to search for your own, but always consult a second opinion from a professional that you trust. If there is a requirement for you to pay some more to get a better advice, just do it.

So eat your Maca like a good man and try also to sustain a great nutrition plan that enhances your libido and overall health.