Microdermabrasion acne scars before and after

As a follow-up to an older post, today I will talk about microdermabrasion for acne scars and I will describe what you will gain or lose with this treatment. As a rule of thumb, microdermabrasion is a lighter dermabrasion procedure. The key difference between those two operations is skin damage. Microdermabrasion does less damage to the skin compared to dermabrasion. It stays in the upper layer of the skin. This reduces the risk for complications and downtime but can’t compete with dermabrasion in results, especially for deep scars.


Microdermabrasion for acne scars


The main purpose of microdermabrasion is similar to dermabrasion. It causes a controlled damage to the skin. Through the natural healing process, you achieve a softer and brighter skin. Meaningless scars and fewer wrinkles.


This controlled damage in microdermabrasion is actually an exfoliation of the skin and can be done in various ways. The most common ones are medical procedures and salon treatments. Creams and scrubs that you can apply yourself are also widespread and quite effective as well.


What you will use depends on your needs, your doctor and most of all your pocket. Have in mind that a good physician is not easily replaceable by exfoliating creams, even the good ones. Don’t expect the same results and beware of the dangers of using such creams. Always ask your doctor before doing anything and do nothing if you still have acne on your face or body. Abrasive procedures (including microdermabrasion) can aggravate acne fast and in ways, you don’t even imagine and don’t want to experience.


Crystals and Diamonds


The technologies used today are either specialized tools that shoot a stream of tiny crystals or a diamond-tipped wand. Both aim to remove the Stratum corneum. Diamond and Crystal dermabrasion have their unique pros and cons but at the hands of a good operator, you will get similar results. The cost of diamond and crystal microdermabrasion is almost the same and fits somewhere between 80$ and 200$ per session, usually involves several visits throughout a year for optimal results.


Home Alone

For those of you who are afraid of doctors or who look for something cheaper there is a last way to go. There are trillions of creams you can use to do microdermabrasion at home by yourself. These creams contain the same crystals found in the machines used for crystal microdermabrasion procedures. You do the abrasion phase with your hands by rubbing your face(or the part of the body you want to abrase)


The best microdermabrasion creams and scrubs also contain nutrients and moisturizers to help the skin handle the shock better. Especially the moisturising part is a nice bonus if you choose to buy one. The cost of these creams range from 30$ to 90$ or even 100$ per jar! You can also use lemon juice for microdermabrasion but I have never used it or seen it in action, but rumours say it works, if you want to experiment feel free but be prepared for the downsides. Here is a HowTo guide.



Should you do it?

Now that we have learnt what microdermabrasion is, let’s see when it should be used. Since microdermabrasion is less aggressive than dermabrasion it works on all skin types and colours with no problems. It makes very small changes to the skin and is mostly used as a refreshment tool for the skin. For you with light acne scars, it will do good. Deeper acne scars won’t be effectively treated with microdermabrasion. The great plus is that after each session there is a very small healing period of at most 2 days which is great compared with the very long healing period of dermabrasion. It is more suitable for darker skin colours , compared with dermabrasion is less likely to cause discolouration.


And then what?

After microdermabrasion, your skin will feel dry and tight and probably will be pink. It will highly beneficial if you use a moisturizer that will reduce the possibility of side effects. Avoid sunlight and makeup for a day or two. Eat well. Sleep well and at proper times (see the last myth here for more info).

Side Effects and Possible Complications with Microdermabrasion

In general microdermabrasion is considered to be a safe procedure but some side effects might occur:


  • In case you choose crystal dermabrasion be careful since eye irritation might occur if your eyes stay unprotected during the operation.


  • Also depending on the skill of the practitioner permanent discolouration is also possible if he/she goes too deep. As always with these treatments dark skin people are more susceptible to this problem during abrasive treatments.


Microdermabrasion acne scars before and after


Microdermabrasion for acne scars before and after pictures is difficult to find because the internet is full of scams and photoshoped photos but I’ve managed to find a few that I think worth to take a look.
Now don’t get overexcited with those they are not necessarily real ones and have in mind that these probably are not after the fist session, these results might show up later after a few microdermabrasion sessions.



Microdermabrasion might be a lighter procedure compared to dermabrasion but can do miracles and is way more cheap(as low as 50$) . It is also safer, if you want to play it safe you can go for a microdermabrasion procedure, see the results and if you stay unsatisfied then move on for a more aggressive and more expensive treatment.


The best of all for me is that it can be done from home with a cream. As a final though i want to rise the awareness that the majority of miracle-doing creams that go around the net are just chemical microdermabrasion creams done from home. Don’t buy into the marketing of all these trash.


If you want a cream to do the job, choose a responsible and well known(and tested) firm, pay 10, or 20 extra bucks and enjoy the best possible results. After all, creams don’t do miracles. If those creams were in existence what do you think the large firms would be selling?


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