Smoking and Acne

We hear a lot of things about the relationship of smoking with acne. Both parties have plenty of studies to back them up and still, no one is 100% sure if smoking and acne, indeed have some relationship. Here I will present the findings of one of the largest studies done to this day about the subject. Full Study


It seems it’s all about how much you smoke

How much do you smoke? Are you a heavy smoker or you just smoke a few cigarettes a day. Data show that non-smokers are better off from people who smoke up to 20 cigarettes a day. What happens to people who smoke more? This is actually surprising! People who smoke more than 20 cigarettes every day see less prevalence of acne compared with the non-smokers or the light smokers! And it gets hotter, the more you smoke the more it seems to help you deal with acne, so people who smoke 45 cigarettes per day are better off than people who smoke 30!


Sounds strange? It’s all about nicotine. Scientists believe that this has to do with biochemical pathways that nicotine affects, as the dosage goes high these effects change or reverse.


Lighten Up

Acne is considered a disease that more or less forces you towards a healthy lifestyle. This finding is actually the first one that points to the other direction. If it happens that you have acne and you smoke too, at least be sure it is over 20 cigarettes/day. So nicotine can act in a desirable way and help you instead of undermining you in your battle with acne. Weird ha?


Restrictions and limitations

This study had many restrictions and limitations and this is just my interpretation of it. It doesn’t mean that you will get cured if you become a heavy smoker. Note also that only male subjects were tested and no data were collected for passive smoking. Be sure to read it for yourself before you act and remember this. Nicotine, even though helpful in high dosages for acne patients, is not a healthy choice. It can lead to serious health problems.


Weed, acne and a healthier way to smoke

All these were about tobacco smoke, but what happens with the marijuana smoke? I wish there was a study like this for marijuana as well. Unfortunately, there isn’t, but there is this very well researched post that will teach you everything you need to know: Do you get acne from smoking weed? In this post, you will also find a healthier way of smoking (even for tobacco), so if you are into smoking and you don’t intend to quit soon, you should check the vaporizers section of the post. 😉