Does smoking weed help acne?

Does smoking weed help acne? This is a question that baffles some people with acne from time to time and it is a difficult one. With all these hypes about the health benefits of marijuana, it is logical to assume that marijuana can be good for acne too. In reality, though this is not the case. Marijuana may help you with acne, or it may make your acne worse! It all depends.


Smoking weed helps acne by acting as an anti-inflammatory

Inflammation is one of the core ingredients of acne. Almost anyone with moderate to severe acne, have some level of inflammation going on with their acne. Inflammation is the cause of acne scars later, but it is also what causes the pain and the swelling. Marijuana has anti-inflammatory properties which can help you a lot if you have lots of inflammation going on. Of course, there are other things you can use to cool down inflammation, dietary changes and aloe vera are good candidates.


What about hormonal acne?

Unfortunately, the news for those who have hormonal imbalances is not so good. Studies show that administration of THC, the psychoactive component of marijuana causes testosterone spikes of 3~5% upwards. This is not huge of course, it is a minor change. Nevertheless, people who already have hormonal imbalances probably won’t be helped by smoking weed.


Weed, appetite, and acne

One last thing to note is that of appetite. Increased appetite is a common side effect of smoking marijuana. This combined with the high you have often led to unhealthy choices and over-consumption of foods that make acne worse! If you do smoke, make sure you don’t have access to crap food. Of course, almost nobody likes to have salads as snacks, especially when you plan to smoke marijuana. But if you want to stay healthy, sometimes you have to do things like this. What you eat after smoking might be way more harmful to your health than marijuana itself.



As you see weed and acne have a strange relationship with each other, for some people smoking marijuana might be beneficial, but not for everyone. Also keep in mind that smoking comes with all sorts of side effects, both positive and negative and for this, you should use marijuana with extreme caution. Even if you see results in acne reduction, don’t over do it. Smoking more than once a month can cause cannabinoids to accumulate in your body which may lead to some health problems later in life.


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