Top 10 Teas That Will Help You Combat Acne

Would you like to have fewer pimples?

Less and milder breakouts?

If you do, then start drinking tea. Tea has anti-acne properties that help combat acne and calm your skin. Especially for men with greasy oily skin, drinking tea daily can make a difference.

Tea Vs Acne

Tea has the potential to fight acne by improving the balance of hormones on your skin. These hormones (Androgens) are responsible for the overproduction of oil on your skin. This excessive oil usually gets’s blocked and forms pimples.

One cup of tea a day, keeps acne away.

Tea also helps with insulin. Insulin is a major hormone which affects how your skin “ages” and grows (IGFBP-3 and IGF-1). Furthermore, tea seems to have anti-inflammatory properties and a lot’s of antioxidants.

Furthermore, there is a mountain of anecdotal evidence on the internet about the positive effects of green tea. Unfortunately, we have conflicting data, so none of the above holds true for sure.

Since this article is more about varieties of teas and less about the benefits of tea, I won’t expand more. I’ll write extensively in the future about the topic. For now, let’s get straight to the point on what teas to drink.

Categories Of Teas And Their Meaning

When it comes to choosing the right tea it is easy to get lost among the different varieties, categories and brands.

First things first, all ties are made from the same plant (Camelia Sinensis). The only difference is how the leaves are being processed.

There are six main categories of tea, white, yellow, green, oolong, black and post-fermented. Sometimes post-fermented teas are called dark, and in China, they are called black. While the western black tea in China is sometimes called red. I know, it’s confusing, let’s move on.

Behold the manufacturing processes for each type of tea.


But why on earth do we care about the categories? Well, that’s because different types of teas contain different types polyphenols. Most studies focus on green tea. Depending on your acne causes and gender you might prefer different types of tea to drink.

Generally speaking, green tea is the most effective tea against acne.

That is because it has the higher concentration of EGCG, white tea also has significant amounts. The other types due to oxidation have smaller quantities of EGCG.

“Bad Teas” You Should Definitely Avoid


Yeap, there are teas that do more harm than good. Actually, most teas should not be consumed. Why?

Well simply because most of the teas are cultivated in polluted areas. The more polluted the cultivation area, the worse for the end product.

If you prefer organic keep in mind that you can have fully certified organic teas that are as polluted as their regular counterparts.

If you can trace the cultivation location of the tea you buy, that is the best choice. If not, at least avoid all the mass and cheap teas on grocery stores and supermarkets. These teas are probably full in heavy metals.

Top 10 Teas For Acne

Here I will focus on two types of teas only. Green and Oolong teas. Green teas have the strongest effect against acne while oolongs are less effective but more suitable for some situations.

If you want you can search for specialized shops to find high-quality sellers.

Green Teas

Green teas have the largest concentration of anti-acne ingredients. They are usually the go-to choice for people with acne.

China Base

China is the Capital of Tea Production. It has a long history of tea consumption and many varieties to choose from. Unfortunately, recent industrial development has made many of each tea full of heavy metals.

Long Jing (Dragonwell)


Infamous high-quality green tea, from the area of LongJing.

This tea has a dedicated Wikipedia page.

Snowy Mountain Jian


A slightly different kind of green tea. It is produced on higher altitude (thus the name) in the Yunnan province. Interesting flavor nevertheless.

Japan Based

Japan also has a long history of tea consumption. Also, its teas are considered safer with fewer metals and pesticides.

Simple Sencha


Sencha is a frequent variety of green tea. Straightforward and classic.



A tea with strong and sweeter flavor. It is considered on of the best Japanese teas. You can learn more about this variety on it’s Wikipedia page.



Matcha comes in the form of powder and is produced from Tencha (which is similar to Gyokuro). Matcha’s are the most EGCG potent but also the ones with the highest lead concentrations. Wikipedia page.

Shincha / Ichibancha


Tea leaves are being harvested 4 times each year. The first picking is considered to be the best. This first picking is what Shinchas are made from. Shinchas have a lighter taste and fewer Catechins.

Oolong Teas

One of the ways tea is fighting acne is by lowering DHT concentration. DHT is a strong androgen and is responsible most of the times for the overproduction of sebum. For men who don’t have a very oily skin and want to keep their androgen levels higher, they might prefer Oolong teas. However, their anti-acne is limited compared to green teas.

Zealong Organic Oolong


Zealong offers a variety of teas (including green tea). They are a bit expensive but they are considered safer (due to their location) + they are organic.

Alishan Oolong

This kind of tea grows at higher altitudes in Taiwan. It is one of their finest teas. You can find more information here.

Da Hong Pao

Famous and dark Oolong tea from China. It has a loong history…

Phoenix Dan Cong Oolong Tea

If you like fruity flavours in your tea this one is for you. This variety absorbs flavours and fragrances from the surrounding environment. Without the need for extra additives, it leads to a natural fruity flavour.

Recap and Final Thoughts

Overall tea and especially green tea can help you with acne and oiliness of the skin. It seems but it is not conclusive that catechins in the tea can calm down your androgens (DHT). Higher DHT is usually responsible for oily skin.

Catechins seem also to improve insulin sensitivity. Increased insulin resistance interferes with the normal growth and aging of the skin. Bad stuff.

Even though tea can help you with those issues it won’t cure them completely. Drinking tea will decrease your pimples and breakouts, but won’t cure them nor stop them. You need more than a cup of tea to get clear. But don’t worry, one step at a time. 😉

Happy drinking…and since I am no expert in teas let me know if I got something wrong. Cya!