What Vitamins Are Good for the Skin

Nutrition is extremely important for treating any kind of scar, including acne scars. This is why I am going to write a few words about the five most important nutrients when it comes to scar healing.


As you imagine, a scar treatment by it self is not able to heal your scars properly. There are some nutritional factors that are critical when it comes to scar healing. As a rule of the thumb, a healthy diet with nutrient rich foods must be followed when in a recovery of any kind of wound or illness. Actually, a healthy diet is what you need even when you are healthy and you want to remain healthy. But this is another story. Let’s dig in the nutrients that are needed in when the body heals from a wound.


Important nutrients when it comes to Scar Healing:


  • Protein – Protein is the building block of everything in our body, proteins perform many functions within our bodies, but for now, we are interested in two important amino acids that our body makes when breaks down protein. These are called L-Arginine and Glutamine. These amino acids boost your scar healing in two ways. First, they help the body create new tissue and collagen. Second, they improve the immune system, which fights off infections that may slow down the healing process.


  • Vitamin C – One of the most famous vitamins, almost everybody knows it’s existence and it’s huge impact on the immune system. However, 37% of the US population don’t get enough!!! Make sure you belong to the other 63%. Vitamin C is important for collagen production. Further more, vitamin c overdose is given as a treatment for various conditions and research suggests that a small overdose of vitamin c might improve scar healing.


  • Vitamin B Complex – also plays an important role in wound healing, it increases protein synthesis and increases the number of repair cells in the wound. As you can imagine a deficiency in the Vitamin B Complex can really slow down the recovery period. You should have a diet sufficient in Vitamin B.



  • Vitamin A – is required for cell growth. Apart from activating connective tissue production, it also helps new blood vessels to grow and “feed” newly formed tissue and cells.


  • Zinc – is a chapter alone, only in the US 75% of the population is deficient in zinc!!! Research suggest that healing time after surgery is reduced by as high as 43% if they give them a zinc supplement. Inflammation and bacterial growth are also reduced with zinc.



Now you know which nutrients are important, but where can you find them? Here is a quick list…


Foods that enhance Scar Healing:


  • For Protein Good Meats, nuts and beans are the best.


  • For Vitamin C citrus fruits and green leafy vegetables are good.


  • For Vitamin B good meat, fish, eggs, whole grains, beans, nuts and dark green vegetables.


  • For Vitamin A you should eat a lot of carrots, tomatoes, spinach and apricots.


  • For Zinc green peas, beef, oysters, black beans, and crab should do the trick.


By good meats I mean animals that are fed properly and lived well, not animals that have been grown up to become burgers.


Know by implementing the above nutrients in your diet, you will see great improvement in your scar healing process. The best of all is that you will also improve other aspects of your health if you nourish your body, Vitamin B can boost your mood and energy just to mention one example. If you liked it, don’t forget to subscribe in the box above and you may also want to check those two acne scar treatments: Dermabrasion and Microdermabrasion.


Until Next Time, have fun and eat healthily. 🙂


Sources: Introduction to Clinical Nutrition, Second Edition


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